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Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Social

We aim to deliver meaningful experiences through great design, awesome development and remarkable content.



S.P.O.T. was born out of an urgent will to work OPORTO’S city cultural and urban context.S.P.O.T. presents and defines itself as a company that promotes, manages and produce ideas, events and cultural initiatives in the context of contemporary urban cultural reality.S.P.O.T. can be seen as a creator of cultural projects as well as an open space for new proposals and initiatives, always willing to collaborate with public and private institutions.S.P.O.T. intends to develop art in public spaces as well as art connected to portuguese identity and at the same time represent Portugal as a culturally and artistically interesting country that foreign institutions should invest in.We want to interfer in your city as well as we want you to interfer in ours. We will be waiting for your to start something new. Just set the date.



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