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UPTEC is a meeting point between different disciplines, contexts and experts. It is a place to risk, provoke, collaborate, build and learn.
UPTEC is a place for open hearted highly qualified people to dream, create and develop a better future for us all. 

The “University-Business collaboration” constituted, namely in the end of last century, although it still persists in several sectors, as a more than desirable goal, but considered difficult to achieve, because of idiosyncrasies of the University, for some, and because of idiosyncrasies of the companies, for others. Many were the statements and thoughts on strategies that pointed to this approach, few were the paths actually open for such approach to materialize.

It is in 1999 that the University of Porto proposes to implement a strategy that decisively contributes to the elimination of many reasons for this impasse, amongst many feared as some kind of curse. It seeks to do so through the perspective of factual actions in which mutual advantages in the collaboration between the two means would manifest (themselves) – therefore is born the idea of building, in Asprela, next to the new learning and investigation facilities, science and technology hub deeply connected to the University.

The actual start was in 2007 with the setup of the first companies. During the first 7 years, a period of profound learning was lived on the concrete way to transpose the knowledge generated, adapted and deepened in the University to the companies; on the concrete way to the University to listen to the needs of the business world’s extraordinary potential; on the formation, education and appreciation of a Park’s management team.

It is mainly from 2004 on, that this tendency is strengthened, conferring to the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC) some relevance, demonstrated on the awards and on multiples distinctions, both nationally and internationally, fairly assigned to its startups.

UPTEC pretends to mark this 10 years of activity as a real milestone and as new impulse to reinforce its prominent position in entrepreneurship and innovation.

José Novais Barbosa,
 UPTEC's President

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graduated companies

-PhD Residence -

UPTEC challenged the PhD in Design researchers for an artistic residence to develop proposals for UPTEC’s new communication strategy.
The researchers asked several people in UPTEC’s community to create a word and draw something that would represent UPTEC, out of a circle. The results combine, invoke and inspire ideas for a remarkable, innovative, open and fun future.

- Loop -

UPTEC challenged FAHR 021.3, an architecture studio, to create an element for the garden of the UPTEC’s Headquarters. This element should promote meetings, exchange of ideas and, at the same time, signal the desire to maintain openness abroad and symbolize the innovative and disruptive spirit.
In addition to a public structure to foster meetings and playful moments, Loop is the central landmark of UPTEC's 10th anniversary celebration, a tribute to all those who pass by.

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Years 10 Portraits

We invited 10 people from our community to share their stories. Different eyes, perspectives from those who have just joined, from who is here since the beginning, from who sees UPTEC from the inside, from who looks from the outside.
10 years. 10 portraits. A community.

Apply to UPTEC: apply@uptec.up.pt

UPTEC Schools: : www.escoladestartups.org

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