WiseWorld’s soft skills platform on the Bloom Your Bizz podium

WiseWorld Aga Khan

Programme of the Aga Khan Foundation Portugal and Virtual Accelerate Platform, in partnership with Fidelidade Seguros and Startup Lisboa, awarded the UPTEC startup with five thousand euros

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WiseWorld, a startup incubated at UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto, was one of three companies present on the podium of Bloom Your Bizz, the most recent incubation programme for startups in the areas of technology and creative industries.

The WiseWorld platform works like a playground, through daily and engaging gamified activities, where company employees can practice, make mistakes and improve their human skills, such as the way one person deals with others, how she interacts in groups, how she deals with her own emotions, among others. This approach not only helps with skills improvement, but also provides team leaders with objective and factual data, allowing them to make well-informed decisions about their team’s human skills.

WiseWorld aims to transform the assessment and development of soft skills into an objective, personalized and precise process, in a journey that began in 2023. What sets WiseWorld apart is an approach to the soft skills market, which is completely new, combining continuity, customization and gamification. Current solutions mainly consist of one-off approaches such as tests, workshop sessions or an AR/VR session carried out without continuity.

The pitch-day of the programme promoted by the Aga Khan Foundation Portugal and the Virtual Accelerate Platform, in partnership with Fidelidade Seguros and Startup Lisboa, took place on January 12th, and the jury awarded the company’s online soft skills platform WiseWorld with second place among 12 candidates, and a prize worth five thousand euros.

January 19th 2024

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