Biological waste treatment, shrimp production and oil spill containment among the ideas of the BluAct 2023 final

BluAct 2

Eight ideas will compete in the program that aims to encourage the growth of blue economy startups and will culminate on November 13

BluAct 1

The final of the 3rd edition of BluAct, the program to support the growth of the blue economy that encourages startups with innovative business ideas, is on November 13, at 4 pm, at the Municipality of Matosinhos, and will be attended by the Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro.

In this year’s edition, there are eight ideas in the competition, but only three can win.

Develop innovative snacks for domestic animals from fish, create bioactive compounds from marine bacteria with medicinal benefits, biologically treat waste from fish farming and processing, create an online platform for renting surf equipment, convert wave energy through the oscillating float concept, produce shrimp in air-conditioned units, use oleophilic technologies to contain oil spills and use artificial reefs to age wine underwater are the ideas that will compete in this 3rd edition of BluAct.


In detail, these are the eight ideas:

  • Bake My Dog Happy | APETITUS – Develop innovative snacks for dogs and cats that use waste and by-products from fish processing, especially those resulting from the activity of canning industries in the Algarve.
  • Pinktech Plus – It aims to bring new bioactive compounds obtained from marine bacteria, never explored, which have already been shown to have antimicrobial, anticancer, and pro-osteogenic bioactivity.
  • Water purification in a natural method of biological treatment of waste from the fish cultivation and processing process, through microalgae cultivation using only sunlight.
  • Boardie – an online platform for renting surfboards to surf schools and shops.
  • Economically viable, gyrating wave energy converter, validated for the Portuguese coast based on the oscillating flute concept, with scientific optimization.
  • Shrimp production in air-conditioned units in a breeding stock (Ras) and fattening (biofloc) system.
  • Sustainable oleophilic cleaning kit based on new technologies for the containment of oil spills and sustainable recovery of this raw material.
  • Mermaid’s Cellar – creating artificial reefs to age wine underwater, combining environmental sustainability with innovative winemaking techniques.

After the mentoring sessions to support the development of the business model and preparation of the public presentation of the projects, which took place on the 9th and 10th of November, the candidates present their ideas in front of the jury on the 13th.

For the first place, a prize is awarded by the company Indaqua-Matosinhos with a maximum monetary value of 5,000 euros, and for the project that demonstrates the greatest impact on the canning industry, promoting the circular economy and sustainability, a prize is expected to be awarded by the company Conservas Portugal Norte in the monetary value of 2,500 euros. The winners will also benefit from one year of incubation at UPTEC Mar and participation in the business acceleration program promoted by UPTEC, and will be exempt from Fórum Oceano membership fees for the first two years.

Registration to attend the event can be done via the following link.

November 9th 2023

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