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UPTEC @ Web Summit

UPTEC’s startups will once again be present at the three days of the Web Summit, in what is considered the world’s largest conference on technologies and innovation, which takes place between the 13th and 15th of November, in Lisbon.

After a very fruitful participation in the 2022 edition, in which many UPTEC startups were able to publicize and take safe steps in the development and promotion of their solutions, the contingent of the U. Porto Science and Technology Park is once again quite numerous, and promises to be something to talk about.

In the 2023 edition of the Web Summit, Airport.ai, Ethiack, Extractum.io, Qubitz, Plantz, Connected, Intuitive, Infinite Foundry, Hortee, Agit, AgroGrIN Tech, Papayya and Windcredible will be present.

Hortee, Agit, AgroGrIn Tech, Papayya and Windcredible were selected through the Road 2 Web Summit, a joint initiative of Startup Portugal and Web Summit to choose the best young startups to represent Portugal at the largest technological event in the world.

13 startups from the UPTEC ecosystem will shine at this edition of the Web Summit

Airport AI is an Artificial Intelligence company applied to the air tourism industry. It develops a platform that enables airports to communicate more efficiently with passengers on their website, mobile app and messaging apps. They work with over 25 airports worldwide, including Frankfurt, Gatwick and Sydney.

Ethiack is a cybersecurity SaaS platform that helps organizations prevent cyberattacks and optimize costs and resources through autonomous ethical hacking. The platform combines automation, ethical hacking, and artificial intelligence to provide continuous, instantaneous, and 99% accurate security testing, enabling security teams to manage their external attack surface and identify and mitigate vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

Extractum.io is a SaaS data management solution with a web-based user interface that allows you to directly import raw, unstructured data from any dataset, such as flat files and third-party service APIs, into a relational database, turning any data from files and web services into a structured database. The solution streamlines data automatically, providing a ready-to-use information set in seconds.

Qubitz is a technology startup that combines the realms of blockchain and artificial intelligence to create innovative solutions, which leverage advanced technologies to fuel sustainable growth and improve the quality of life in various industries. Its flagship product, TIKITWORLD, aims to revolutionize the event ticketing ecosystem through greater transparency and efficiency.

Plantz was created to inspire people to move towards healthier and more sustainable eating. A chef-to-consumer, plant-based, ready-to-eat meal maker that uses deep-freezing technology to preserve each meal’s good texture and nutrients in a tasty, easy and convenient plant-based diet.

Connected is a space startup developing IoT connectivity solutions in remote areas. The company aims to connect humanity in an accessible way, promoting a new generation of IoT-based business models, eliminating network limitations in remote areas. To achieve this vision, CONNECTED aims to develop a new satellite constellation capable of providing standard, global, affordable, hassle-free, low-bandwidth connectivity optimized for low-cost, low-power solutions.

Intuitivo is an ed-tech startup whose mission is to assist educational institutions in digital transformation, increase teacher productivity, and improve the student experience. The startup has created an innovative digital platform that is used by teachers, schools, and other institutions to facilitate and enhance the student assessment process.

Infinite Foundry is an industrial metaverse platform that brings the market the most accurate 3D-based operations control technology. It consists of the 3D digital twin of the area of interest, a combination of real-time data from multiple data sources (controllers, cameras, sensors, etc.) with the accurate 3D model of the area of interest to replicate what is happening virtually in real time.

Hortee creates fresh food buying and selling experiences, connecting local producers and conscious consumers with sustainable businesses and cities. It brings the countryside back to the city, offering a range of tools and benefits for cities and businesses looking to become more sustainable and improve their community. With a marketplace to buy and sell fresh food baskets, farm visits and sustainability workshops, Hortee is the way to improve your health, business and our planet.

Agit has developed a technology that recognizes physical exercise using the phone’s camera in real time. Unlike other apps, the AGIT app can understand and validate physical exercise while the user trains, giving them more personalized feedback. On top of this, it enables community training experience, social sharing and more authentic competitions.

AgroGrIn Tech has developed a patented green technology that allows the extraction of enzymes and/or vitamins from fruit and vegetable residues with a high degree of purification. This technology is combined with a transformation process that allows the total reuse of the waste (Zero Waste) identified in new food products and ingredients with value for the food, nutrition and cosmetics industry.

Papayya is an online Personal Trainer service that offers personalized live workouts with qualified trainers – anywhere, anytime. Sessions can be in Portuguese, English or Spanish. Certified trainers will provide real-time feedback and correct exercise techniques during sessions to ensure clients get the most out of each workout.

Windcredible is focused on developing and producing vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTS), a renewable energy technology that generates electricity from the wind. The patented design has several advantages over traditional wind turbines, including its ability to generate electricity efficiently, its compatibility with urban environments, and its suitability for integration into smart grids. A key advantage is its ability to generate electricity efficiently, with low operating costs and minimal maintenance requirements.

UPTEC community and entrepreneurs among summit speakers

The Web Summit will feature dozens of speakers, and UPTEC will have several representatives at the Main Stage and the pitch sessions. André Jordão, CEO of Barkyn and Daniela Braga, CEO of Defined.ai, will be at the “Breakout Startups” and “Empowering the creators shaping the future of AI” sessions, respectively. AgroGrIn Tech, Agit, and Windcredible will participate in the PITCH competition to present their business ideas and boost their growth.

Porto @Web Summit brings together Porto entrepreneurs

In addition to these 13 startups incubated at UPTEC, many others are present at the event, and seek to deepen connections to the business system. One of the opportunities will be promoted by the Porto City Council, which organizes the Porto@Web Summit, a “Get Together” that aims to unite Porto entrepreneurs at Stand Porto., at 4 pm on November 15, located in Pavilion 1 – Booth E169, with the right to Port of Honor.

November 10th 2023

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