UPTEC startup distinguished in innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Macau

Infinite Foundry

Infinite Foundry received the “Greatest Development Potential in the Greater Bay Area” award from the Macau Economic and Technological Development Bureau

Infinite Foundry 2

Infinite Foundry, a startup incubated at UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of the U. Porto, was one of the winners of the Greatest Development Potential award in the Greater Bay Area, awarded in the third edition of the Competition of Scientific and Technological Innovation Companies in Brazil and Portugal 2023, which took place at the end of September, in Macau.

The startup competed against 14 others in the competition organized by the Macau Economic and Technological Development Bureau, and promoted by MYEIC — Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Center, a partner of UPTEC, in the initiative intended to accelerate technological exchange and cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

Guaranteed is a prize worth €6,000 for Infinite Foundry for the achievement, which also comes with the possibility of joining the Greater Bay Area MYEIC delegation, and participating in other events, such as being an exhibitor at Beyond Expo 2024, being present at pitch roadshow, visits to ecosystem stakeholders.

The CEO of Infinite Foundry, André Godinho Luz, hopes that this distinction will allow him to expand the growth of his startup. “Since 2020, we have had a Chinese client, but only in the scanning and modelling area. We have long been interested in exploring the region more closely, but the various barriers, whether linguistic, cultural or the size of the country, always proved to be quite challenging, as we did not have local support to enter the market. With this award, we believe we can begin to address the market effectively.”

For André Godinho Luz, the Chinese market offers opportunities that Infinite Foundry can exploit. “Macau is an excellent gateway for Portuguese technology companies to understand the largest market in the world. Given their size and scale, it is a market that has enormous challenges for these types of companies. This competition offers us the possibility of getting to know the market better so that we can design an entry strategy based on real knowledge of it, maximizing our chances of growth in this vast market.”

Infinite Foundry’s operational metaverse platform allows you to virtually reproduce in real-time all the details of an industrial, logistical, store operation, etc., alerting the user of any deviations from the optimal operating standard and making it possible to simulate changes to understand their impact before implementing them.

Since 2021, the start date of UPTEC’s collaboration with MYEIC — Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Center, seven startups from the UPTEC community have participated in the competition.

October 6th 2023

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