UPTEC launches XPO to explore aspects of cultural and creative industries


Planned activities include artistic exhibitions, workshops, lectures and meetings in a showcase of creativity and innovation combined with business

UPTEC — Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto has just launched XPO, a set of activities that includes artistic exhibitions, workshops, lectures and meetings to explore the different aspects of cultural and creative industries in a showcase of creativity and innovation allied to business.

The sessions will occur between September and November 2023 and UPTEC Asprela I and UPTEC Baixa, promoting the connection between the institution and the creative and technological community.

XPO starts on September 20th with the talk “Tethered Rationality: A Model of Behaviour for the Real World” by Vinod Goel, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of York, in Canada, which will also feature a roundtable composed of Heitor Alvelos, Director of ID+ Porto and the Design Doctoral Program at FBAUP, Marina Lemos, Director of the Psychology Doctoral Program at FPCEUP, and Joana Barros, Coordinator of Associação Viver a Ciência. This event is a part of the UD23 Actions and Reflections for Design Research, organized by [ID+] – Research Institute for Design Media and Culture @ FBAUP, and a part of the Conference Cycle of the Doctoral Program in Psychology, organized by The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto (FPCEUP).

On the 21st, it’s João Gabriel Ribeiro‘s turn, from Shifter, to talk about Artificial Intelligence in a workshop that aims to address the discourse around this technology and explore it consciously. Soon after, the exhibition “2 Litho” by Rui Horta Pereira and Bernardo Bugalho opens, in partnership with _ARTERIA_LAB, where the sculpture serves as the basis for games that challenge participants.

In October, the “Open Minds Course on Radical Inclusion” workshop will run from the 9th to the 14th, resulting from a partnership between UPTEC and FEUP, which aims to unleash creativity and design a more inclusive world, in a course on design for radical inclusion. On the 19th of the same month, Frenesim presents the “Loop Station” exhibition at UPTEC Baixa, followed by the “Happy Hour Kultural” workshop, promoted by Kult.

To conclude the events planned for this XPO in 2023, comic artist Ruis Vargas, from Laika, will present the exhibition “How to produce Stripcomic and Graphic Novel without losing your friends“, which will open on November 23rd, at UPTEC Baixa.

With XPO, UPTEC enhances several areas of creation and innovation and gives a stage to themes that promote discussion and sharing of knowledge on topics such as human behaviour, Artificial Intelligence, sculpture-game, design, art, culture and comics, among others that may be added.

For more information, see the dedicated XPO website.

September 8th 2023

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