Tatara Razors: the Portuguese shavers that can be used endlessly

Tatara Razors  has developed a shaver with a unique fitting system, which can be used endlessly. Created by a startup incubated at UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of U.Porto, the machine is a sustainable alternative to disposable multi-blades and has a lifetime warranty.

Due to a minimalist design, Tatara Razors takes advantage of modern engineering and combines different variables to ensure greater precision of cut, comfort and smoothness when shaving.

Tatara Razors machines, packed in a natural cork box, are created with noble materials such as stainless steel. The products are hand finished to extinguish every machining marks and to soften all the edges and, finally, they are subject to manual sandblasting treatment, piece by piece, to obtain a matte colouring and a smooth appearance.

The quality and durability of Tatara Razors give the product more sustainability when compared with disposable machines and blades. “Only in the USA, two billion disposable machines and disposable refills were produced last year. Most of these refills end up in landfills and even in the oceans and continue there for centuries.”, recalls João Gomes, co-founder of the startup.

Tatara Razors shavers cost from € 149, but the cost is quickly amortized. “Comparing the cost of the blades used on our machine, which is € 0.05 per unit, with Amazon’s best-selling disposable machines ($ 2.55 / € 2.09 with subscription), the return on investment happens after one year of using. “, reinforces the co-founder.

The startup was created by three alumni from the Mechanical Engineering degree at the Faculty of Engineering of the U.Porto – João Gomes, Luis Oliveira and André Guimarães -, who used their knowledge in the casting, machining, laser and rapid prototyping to start the project.

So far, Tatara Razors has launched two machines and two shaving brushes. The products are 100% developed and produced in Portugal and have already reached countries such as the United States of America, Italy, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Taiwan or South Africa mainly through the online market.

Plans for the future include moving forward with the launch of a 100% natural aftershave lotion from Alum stone and a shaving cup, as well as a shaving machine with a patented system and later a shaving soap. “In the coming years, we will also launch a body blade for the entire body and for male and female audiences”, reinforces João Gomes.

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