ST3ER Consortium seeks mentors for green and digital transition projects in tourism

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UPTEC is the only Portuguese partner of the European project, with an overall budget of three million euros, which aims to support more than 200 SMEs

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The ST3ER consortium is looking for mentors to accompany SMEs who will participate in the programme to support companies in the green and digital transition in tourism. UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto is the only Portuguese partner chosen to be part of the European Commission‘s project and is responsible for managing the open calls to finance the respective projects.

To be a mentor of the projects applying to the ST3ER programme, we are looking for entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and professionals with skills in the digital or green sectors, motivated and experienced, mid-career and seniors who contribute to the scaling of the double transition – green and digital, in tourism.

The mentoring programme will last at least 30 hours and aims to provide SMEs with individual advice on relevant topics identified as part of their proposals for innovative project plans regarding their green or digital transition. In some cases, more than one mentor may be assigned to an SME within the limits of the allocated budget, depending on the specific support they need.

The mentor and the SME will sign a ”Mentoring Agreement” detailing the task that will be carried out and the intended results, the value of the contract, the duration of the service provision and the payment terms. Mentors’ hourly rates will be between 65 and 80 euros per hour.

This 30-hour mentoring programme will be coordinated by the partners of the ST3ER consortium, in this case Portuguese, UPTEC. Potential mentors can learn more about this opportunity and apply through this link.

ST3ER aims to support more than 200 SMEs in five countries (Ireland, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain and Denmark) through specific measures, including 38 workshops, bootcamps, learning modules, international innovation forums, deep-dives, cross-sector meetings, round tables, 21 thousand hours of mentoring, digital maturity assessments and 32 matchmaking/B2b meetings, as well as sponsoring 70 innovation projects and providing more than 20 examples of good practices that can reach more than 850 stakeholders, who will be able to replicate and transmit the knowledge acquired through this project.

March 20, 2024

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