SIFIDE: an incentive for R&D under discussion at UPTEC

On 23 November at noon, UPTEC will host an information session on SIFIDE. This mechanism aims to increase the competitiveness of companies by supporting their efforts in Research and Development through the deduction from corporate income tax of a percentage of their R&D expenses.

The session, part of the PRODUTECH Digital Innovation Hub initiatives, will last 45 minutes and aims to explain the SIFIDE mechanism, namely which R&D projects may be candidates; which expenses are eligible for the tax credit; incentives, recognition of R&D suitability, ending with a Q&A session.

This initiative is part of the Produtech Digital Innovation Hub, a digital innovation network for industry whose mission is to promote the digital transformation of industrial companies in the region and stimulate the innovation ecosystem.

SIFIDE was created in 1997 as a measure to encourage the participation of the business sector in the global R&D effort. The experience resulting from its application allows us to conclude that this mechanism has contributed to an effective increase in R&D activity by Portuguese companies.

The session is entirely free, but registration is required – through this link

November 17th 2023

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