Santander supports U.Porto Alumni project to raise funding

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AcuRate is among the 20 projects selected to receive crowdfunding support

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Alums from the University of Porto have just launched a crowdfunding campaign for their AcuRate project. This digital platform aims to facilitate the analysis of acupuncture results using Artificial Intelligence resources. With this benefit promoted by Santander X Explorer, a programme in which UPTEC is a partner, the young entrepreneurs are looking for visibility, partnerships, and funding for the initial development of the platform.

AcuRate is a digital platform under development that aims to facilitate the analysis of results from acupuncture and related disciplines. It integrates data for epidemiological studies and allows comparisons between best practices and results.

The solution, created by Maria Silva and Edmundo Cadilha — alums of the Health Education master’s programme at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto — emerged in October 2023 as a response to the need to detect STIs, or sexually transmitted infections. Still in the UX/UI development phase, the platform has aroused interest in its innovative proposal to apply statistical analysis and artificial intelligence resources to acupuncture.

AcuRate was one of the 20 selected by Santander X Explorer to receive support in launching a crowdfunding campaign, i.e. raising collective funding — small contributions from several people — to support the development of the business project.

“We believe that crowdfunding and related activities will help us create the community we need and will bring more visibility, partnerships, and funds for the initial development of the platform,” says Maria Silva.

For the project promoter, “the community and partnerships are fundamental to our growth since we need to collect initial data and maintain this collection on a recurring basis. In addition, all help building the artificial intelligence algorithm and with the best statistical methods is welcome,” she emphasises.

This initiative by Santander X Explorer, a programme in which UPTEC – Parque de Ciência e Tecnologia da U.Porto is a partner, will support 20 projects launching a crowdfunding campaign. The business ideas work in education, health, and the environment: 16 of the 20 projects selected propose measures for different problems in these sectors, which are included in SDG 2030.

5th April 2024

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