Promptly selected to be NHS Wales technology partner

NHS Wales

NHS Wales, which provides care to three million people, selected the startup incubated at UPTEC for the national data collection contract.

Promptly Health, a startup incubated at UPTEC — Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto has been selected as the National Health Service in Wales (NHS Wales) ‘s technological partner for collecting and harmonising patient-centred health data.

For the next three years, with the possibility of an extension to four or five, Promptly will be responsible for implementing the Wales Health Value Centre strategy.

The public tender, which initially selected five companies, involved an extensive assessment of the technology partners’ capabilities. Several considerations were involved, namely data collection (accessibility for patients); technological innovation and suitability for the different needs of NHS Boards, equivalent to the new ULS – Unidades Locais de Saúde – in Portugal; guarantee of data security and privacy; and interoperability with the operational requirements of the NHS Wales Data Lake.

“This partnership underlines our strong commitment to the mission of making health data accessible for use by the Health System and aligns with our wider work with organisations in the UK in generating real-world clinical evidence (outside the clinical trial environment), which patients and healthcare professionals can use for informed care decisions. We believe that secure access to health data initiatives will become more common in the coming years, with the acceleration of  Secure Data Environments (SDE) in the UK, the European Health Data Space – which we have supported as consultants, and the implementation of the Local Health Units model in Portugal,” said Pedro Ramos, CEO of Promptly Health.

Promptly Health is a technology partner for public and private healthcare systems in Europe, Latin America and Asia. In Portugal, its solutions are used by public hospitals in the National Health Service, private healthcare groups, insurers, and companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to generate evidence of healthcare outcomes.

NHS Wales is the National Health Service of Wales, which provides healthcare to three million people. It has been at the forefront of outcome-based healthcare planning in Europe, being highlighted as a Global Value Hub by the World Economic Forum, a distinction also received by a Portuguese consortium in the field of ophthalmology with public hospitals, such as ULS Coimbra, São João and Santo António, and private hospitals, such as CUF, with the coordination of Health Cluster Portugal and technology from Promptly. Since 2019, NHS Wales has been developing pilots for the collection of patient-centred data (e.g. quality of life, functional status, experience with treatment, etc), demonstrating its viability in numerous scientific publications and conferences. The new contract requires wider adoption of data collection capabilities and, above all, interoperability with digital health products (notably the NHS patient app), as well as harmonisation of data with the existing Data Lake.

10th April 2024

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