Probely among the first 48 companies to join the European Innovation Council’s Scaling Club

Probely UPTEC

The startup incubated at UPTEC is now part of an exclusive community made up of 100 European deep tech companies and partners

Probely, a startup incubated at the University of Porto Science and Technology Park (UPTEC), is among the first 48 companies to join the EIC’s Scaling Club. The startup is now part of an exclusive community of 100 European deep tech companies and partners, intending to boost its growth and market penetration.

Probely develops a solution that automatically identifies vulnerabilities in websites, web applications, and APIs (application programming interfaces). In addition, the startup’s technology helps the developers responsible for resolving the problems diagnosed. With an intuitive and simplified web interface, the company makes security management accessible and efficient for its customers.

Supported by the European Innovation Council, the EIC Scaling Club seeks to accelerate companies’ growth by organising them into ten vertical sectors to double their value in two years. It offers personalised support and access to business partners, investors, and other companies.

Half of the group comprises EIC portfolio companies, while the other half comes from national and European innovation programmes that include the innovation ecosystem. The companies have been carefully selected based on criteria and fall into four predefined market sector opportunities: next-generation computing, Digital security and trust, Smart mobility, and Renewable energy.

For the 48 companies selected, including Probely, a two-year acceleration programme begins, including mentoring, branding, investment presentation events and partners. The activities of this first group were announced at a meeting held on 9 and 10 April in Brussels, while the launch of the second group of companies is scheduled for the autumn.

12th April 2024

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