“Posters of a Doctorate”: a portrait of ten years at the service of design and science


The book presents the best works of the students of the PhD in Design at FBAUP

The ID+/PhD  course in Design at FBAUP – Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, installed at UPTEC – Science and Technology Park of the U.Porto, has just launched the book “Posters of a Doctorate: PhDDesign 2016-2023+”, inserted in the cycle “UD23: Actions and Reflections on Design Research“. The work brings together some of the best work carried out by students in the last decade, a symbiosis between design and science in favour of scholarly communication.

This book tells the history of the course through the posters produced by students in various contexts of scholarly communication, whether they are the National Meeting with Science and Technology, promoted by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, the UD conferences organised within the scope of the course, the research symposia in the Universities and in the Research Center that host this doctoral program, and individual presentations at national and international conferences.

The posters confirm the vitality of the first decade of the course and walk a fine line between the expectations of a scientific poster and the premises of its conception. The included posters work as intuitive models for better scientific communication in other fields, and also reveal two core characteristics of the course: multidisciplinarity in projects that intersect Design research with Medicine, Engineering, Anthropology, Literature, Gender Studies and Sociology, among others, and the international vocation of the course, represented by authors from eight nationalities, among the 20 nationalities that the course has in its curriculum.

The publication, which has UPTEC as a strategic partner, does not include all the works produced by all students throughout the course, given the vastness of the creations, but the 58 that are present represent different phases of doctoral research – some were produced in relatively early stages of development, others close to completion. The diversity that is presented also reveals a breadth of moments of research maturity, to the extent that, in the publication, current students comment on various ways of considering, analysing and using this collection of posters as a resource for research projects, which is the purpose of the publication: to help and inform research.

Implemented in 2010, this PhD program has the collaboration of the professors of the area of Design of the Department of Communication and Art of the University of Aveiro, the professors of the area of Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, as well as the researchers of the ID+ Institute for Research in Design, Media and Culture, and has had Heitor Alvelos (2011 – current), Joana Quental (2018 – current), Francisco Providência (2012-2017) and Vasco Branco (2010-2012) as course directors.

UPTEC and FBAUP: a connection that brings academia and the market closer together

The hosting of the PhD in Design at UPTEC Baixa is just one of the examples of the collaboration between UPTEC and FBAUP, which has focused on bringing academic training closer to economic and social reality. This collaborative work also occurs in the Design Management of the Communication Design course curricular unit, which encourages students to propose, test and develop solutions in a business context, and in the Post-Graduation in Interaction, Web and Games Design at FBAUP.

To reinforce this collaboration, in July 2023, UPTEC and FBAUP formalised the renewal of their partnership, in a solemn moment that was attended by the Business Executive Director of UPTEC – Maria Oliveira, and the Director of FBAUP, Lúcia Almeida Matos.

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November 9th 2023

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