Christophe Timmermans from SolarCleano: “UPTEC is a great meeting point between our company and the University of Porto.”

At UPTEC we welcome not only the most recent startups, but also big and established companies. This month at “Open Doors”, we present Christophe Timmermans from SolarCleano who chose UPTEC because of the connection to the University of Porto.

Christophe Timmermans  || CEO
SolarCleano  || 20 employees

SolarCleano is a Luxembourg-based robotics company aiming at providing innovative autonomous and semi-autonomous solutions to solar panel cleaning. The company was born by combining its knowledge of mechanical design with solid solar panel cleaning experience.

Why did SolarCleano come to Portugal?

Portugal is one of the fastest growing countries in European Union and we would really like to be a part of it, we also have Portuguese-speaking employees that are very passionate with their work and try their best to find more opportunities in Portugal.

What made you choose UPTEC to develop SolarCleano?

First, we would like to mention our appreciation for this opportunity, UPTEC is a great meeting point between our company and the University of Porto and supports us to connect with global growth networks.

What do you think about your experience in Portugal?

We are very positive and confident to the fact that our company is growing more and more in Portugal.

How did you get the idea/concept for your business?

SolarCleano was created in 2018. Is a combination of two successful people, Christophe Timmermans, director of Fallprotec, a company specializing in lifelines, and Pol Duthoit, a Fallprotec customer and one of the biggest cleaners of solar panels from Europe. Together, they have developed autonomous robots for cleaning photovoltaic installations.

To what do you attribute SolarCleano’s success?

We have very good products and people that are taking care of them, our team is amazing each of them in their own field.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

If you really believe in your product and work hard for it, everything is possible.

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