Nathalie Kettenhofen from Losch: “We knew to find here the best educated and highly qualified developers”

At UPTEC, we have our doors open for new ideas, innovation and challenges. We welcome startups and big companies from all over the world. Nathalie Kettenhofen from Losch, one of our international innovation centres, is the first interviewee of “Open Doors”. In this new section, we will share how big companies experience UPTEC and their main reasons to join our ecosystem.

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Nathalie Kettenhofen || Manager Losch Digital Lab
Losch || Luxembourg || 17 employees in Portugal

Losch: Software made with passion

Why did your company come to Portugal?

We came to Porto because we knew to find here the best educated and highly qualified developers, and by being close to a bunch of great universities and supported by UPTEC –  the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto –, we would achieve our goals with a great team.

What made you choose UPTEC to develop your company?

The great reputation and the recommendation of a startup located at and supported by UPTEC at that time.

What do you think about Losch’s experience in Portugal?

It is an important experience for the whole group in Luxembourg working together with people of a different culture and not coming from the automotive area, we learn from each other every day.

How did you get your idea/concept for your business?

We wanted to take our destiny into our own hands to be innovative and become more independent of the car manufacturers.

To what do you attribute your company’s success?

Great people – means living our Losch vision: having the right people in the right place!

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

My advice: being confident even if you struggle with a lot of problems in the beginning.

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