Bruno Gil from Lineten: “UPTEC offered us all the conditions we were looking for and we also chose it for what it stands for.”

At UPTEC we welcome not only the most recent startups, but also big and established companies. This month at “Open Doors”, we present Bruno Gil from Lineten who chose UPTEC because it offered everything they were looking for.

Bruno Gil  || VP Country Manager
Lineten  || 150 employees (and growing!)

Lineten makes the last mile deliveries and the Ecommerce journey simpler and more efficient for any company.

Why did Lineten come to Portugal?

To expand our business in a strategic country, where it’s possible to scale/replicate our business model with some ease. Not only that, we had an amazing investment opportunity to start our business in Portugal as well as to develop new software features from here.

What made you choose UPTEC to develop Lineten?

Because UPTEC offered us all the conditions we were looking for and for what it stands for. UPTEC is also a very strategic partner which has already supported us (for eg. on press releases) and they provide several business connections/partnerships that can support our business. We also see UPTEC as an “incubator” of very talented people that can join Lineten as soon as our business starts to ramp up.

What do you think about your experience in Portugal?

The business is starting to evolve, we are starting some partnerships as well as some pilot projects for some customers, and the feedback has been very positive from potential customers. However, the most difficult step is always to present Lineten to the market and to show how can Lineten be an asset for any company in regards to last mile deliveries, online ordering and POS integration.

To what do you attribute Lineten’s success?

To our very innovative solutions, while having the right people and nurturing a very positive and motivating working environment.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Be persistent, driven and keep a very positive mindset. Positive energy attracts positive things. And also, always try to show a potential customer, in a very natural way, how can your company be an asset for them.

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