Moritz Göldner: “Collaborations in Porto will lay the groundwork for future research initiatives”

At UPTEC, we have our doors open for new ideas, innovation, challenges and secondments. We welcome startups, big companies, universities and hubs from all over the world. Moritz Göldner from the Hamburg University of Technology, one of UPTEC’s partners in the OpenInnoTrain community, is the next interviewee of “Open Doors”, and he shares the four week experience in UPTEC and the main reasons for joining our ecosystem.

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Moritz Göldner || Assistant Professor at Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

Hamburg University of Technology || Germany || 7383 Students and 1610 Personnel

Hamburg University of Technology: Technology for Humanity

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your research project.

I am an assistant professor of Data-Driven Innovation at Hamburg University of Technology. My work focuses on the intersection of innovation management, engineering sciences, and the healthcare sector. It primarily focuses on data-driven innovations within the healthcare sector and sustainability aspects, examining datasets that bridge sustainability and healthcare. Further, I am researching user-centred innovation and data-driven methods for idea generation and evaluation.

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Why did you choose to come to UPTEC for your research project?

My decision to join UPTEC for this secondment stemmed from the ecosystem’s vibrant innovation and startup culture. UPTEC’s reputation for fostering collaborations and its network within the tech and healthcare sectors provided a unique opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals and startups to exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations.

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What expectations did you have before starting your secondment in Porto? Did they materialise?

Before my arrival, I anticipated a dynamic exchange of ideas, forming meaningful connections within the Porto ecosystem and gaining insights into AI’s role in healthcare innovation. These expectations were not only met but exceeded. Interactions with entrepreneurs, researchers, and startups, including engagements at events like the “UPTEC Cheers,” significantly enriched my understanding and expanded my network.

Which connections to stakeholders in the Porto ecosystem could be made?

During my secondment, I established connections with stakeholders in UPTEC’s ecosystem, including entrepreneurs from WiseWorld, Agit, and Yellow Studio, researchers from the University of Graz and the University of Vasa, and UPTEC staff. These interactions facilitated discussions on AI-driven innovations, digital innovation in healthcare, and potential future collaborations, highlighting UPTEC’s collaborative and innovative environment.

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What aspects of your secondment in Porto did you especially enjoy?

The aspects I particularly enjoyed include the vibrant startup community, the opportunity to participate in research exchanges and discussions on emerging healthcare topics, and the welcoming atmosphere of UPTEC. But besides, the city of Porto itself is a beautiful place to explore and to stroll along the beach (too cold and windy actually to go into the water), discover the excellent local cuisine and have some coffee (Café duplo com leite is what I prefer) in the sun.

How will your project continue after your time here in Porto?

Post-secondment, the project will continue to explore the digital transformation in healthcare, focusing on AI-assisted idea evaluation and the potential market entry of digital health applications in Germany. The connections made and collaborations initiated in Porto will serve as a foundation for future research initiatives and partnerships, aiming to further the development of sustainable, user-centred healthcare innovations.

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May 16, 2024

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