The Investors Day event, organized by UPTEC, gathered five investment funds: Armilar, Bynd, Bright Pixel, Indico and Semapa Next, and around 40 entrepreneurs looking for opportunities for fundraising. A debate – where investors talked about the top mistakes they see founders make early on and the books they advise early-stage founders to read –, a startup pitch session, and more than 25 one-on-one meetings were the high points of Investors Day.


Areas: Data-centric, digitization or connectivity projects
Investment stage: Early stage
Tickets: minimum €500k
Investment criteria: Seed in Iberias; Series A in Europe

Areas: retail, cybersecurity and digital infrastructures
Investment stage: Early stage
Tickets: minimum €500k
Investment criteria: Projects with strong technological differentiation that develop software for B2B

Areas: Web3, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, enterprise SaaS, fintech, IoT, robotics, security and privacy, mobility marketplaces, ocean-related
Investment stage: Series A, B or C
Tickets: €100k to €10M
Investment criteria: Huge market potential

Areas: generalist focus (Climate Tech, AI/ML, Fintech, Health Tech, Cybersecurity, Sustainability, Blockchain, Prop Tech, etc.)
Investment stage: Series A and B
Tickets: €3M to €5M
Investment criteria: Annual revenues greater than €1M, YoY growth greater than 2.5x, good unit economics (LTV/CAC, margins, etc.)

Investment stage: Seed and Early Stage
Investment criteria: Projects with a presence in the Iberian Peninsula and with MVP

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