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Time Out Porto is a monthly magazine that intends to portray, accurately and creatively, the life of Porto and its surroundings, in all its aspects. Time Out Porto is a magazine for whom independence is not a manifest of intentions, but instead its brand image. We reject economic and political pressures or any interest groups. Time Out Porto takes its modern and cosmopolitan dimension, seeking to disseminate the best the city has to offer and working as an incentive for those who put their creativity and initiative in the service of Porto. Time Out Porto is made of useful information and clear views. Our success is in the hands of readers and is for them — and just for them — we write. Time Out Porto rejects any discrimination based on gender, creed, skin color or sexual preference. More than that, cultural diversity is a value for us to preserve, and on its behalf we will seek the tastes of minorities are reflected on our pages. Time Out Porto treats the same way its readers, news sources and advertisers: with respect, openness of mind and clarity of procedures. Time Out Porto is focused on Porto and its surroundings, but it will remain aware of what’s happening elsewhere in the country, admitting extending its offer to other areas. Time Out Porto takes a strong commitment to the environment, and will strive for its protection. Time Out Porto and its journalists take their responsibilities towards the Portuguese society, committing to a serious journalism and compliant with the ethics of the profession. Our biggest asset is the reputation of high quality and independence of the TIME OUT brand. We will do nothing that may affect it. We will do everything to strengthen it.




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