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UPTEC Asprela I

ShopAI is a company focused on leveraging the image capabilities for optimization of search channels inside webshops that rely on product catalogs. We position ourselves as a technology company, specialized in machine learning with the emphasis on deep learning with a high business orientation and on building easy to use, plug and play solutions. We are harnessing AI for building image based search engines for fashion brands. See, shoot, search and buy. Our main product, Visual-search-as-a-service, assumes the form of a Web-API and a set of Ecommerce platform plugins (Shopify is our short term goal as once the can make a case out of it we intend to expand it to others) that will enable our customers to perform a set of visually based operations, such as receive pictures of real-world observations like a person and automatically recognize the type, color, texture, and format of the clothes He/She is wearing; search for visually similar products amongst the database of product catalog we store from multiple e-commerce platforms; allow the customer to compare prices and decide which item best optimizes the visual appeal/price level equation.




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