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UPTEC Asprela I

Pavnext develops technological pavements, having as its main product a device to implement them in the road pavement that allowing the extraction of kinetic energy from vehicles.  With this technology is possible reduce motion speed without any driver action and without causing any impact into the vehicles, promoting road safety more effectively in places where low speeds are required.The harvested energy is then converted into electrical energy with a very high efficiency, which is produced without any emissions associated. Later, this energy can be used to supply road illumination, crosswalk and traffic lights illumination, sensors, electric bikes charging stations or injected into the power grid.The Pavnext’s products also generate data regarding traffic and speed in real time, as well as from the generated and consumed energy. This data, sent to the cloud, are used to generate reports in real time and to optimize the electrical consumption in real time, promoting energy efficiency.




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