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Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Social

We aim to deliver meaningful experiences through great design, awesome development and remarkable content.

UPTEC Asprela I is a tech recruitment marketplace dedicated to matchmaking top tech professionals with curated job offers from top employers. With a chronic tech skills shortage across the globe, high calibre candidates are in high demand and yet are still lost in the noise of generic jobs boards or overlooked by recruitment agencies that lack increasingly complex sector knowledge.We’re set to help candidates find their next step and right fit. Hiring experiences have a bad reputation in the market and candidates are tired of being ignored. We want to change that. They’re just asking for transparency and feedback, even when they’re rejected, and actual suggestions about real opportunities that actually describe what they’ll do in their day-to-day. All the jobs we publish are actual job positions at the companies posting with us. All of them curated before helps employers attract talent, evaluate, and engage with them since day one and throughout the hiring process. Not everyone has time to sift through an endless pile of CVs. We make sure only the best, with the right fit, will reach their desk. We’ll save them time and money from their own teams, giving them more time to focus on their core business.


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