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data analytics, retail, UX

UPTEC Asprela II

We are a Retail innovation company, fully invested to Research & Development of new and advanced solutions designed to improve the customer store experience, making the Retail Space more attractive, dynamic and efficient, with measurable return for our clients. Multichannel Retailers still retain the Store as a central element to their value proposition – it’s where customers can see, touch, feel and test run the products. The Store is a differentiating element in the interaction with the customer, presenting itself both as an opportunity and a challenge to the Retailer. Customer store experience is the intricate result of several different elements combined, ranging from store architecture and design; product assortment and merchandise layout; commercial strategy and quality of service: all of this supported by the store environment experience (temperature, humidity, illumination, smell, music, noise, air quality, etc.). The customer sensory experience is shaped by the store environment, which is itself a prominent element in defining the image of the retailer (Brand) possessing a decisive influence on sales performance and operating costs of a store. InovRetail offers a highly differentiated approach, in a rather unexplored market segment, delivering innovative and fully integrated solutions, built to aid retailers in their endless effort to manage and optimize their retail environments. InovRetail is an ambitious and challenging project, backed by a dynamic, multidisciplinary team, possessing a deep retail knowledge, as result of its promoter’s experience of several implementations of premium retail solutions across multiples geographies for Tier 1 Retailers (Tesco, Ahold, Morrisons, Sonae Distribuição, etc). Our Vision is to become a global reference in creation, design and implementation of innovative solutions for advanced retail environments management.

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