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UPTEC Asprela I

The construction sector’s GDP will represent almost 14% of the world’s GDP by 2023. More infrastructure will be needed as the population grows. As a result, the construction sector is expected to account for almost 19% of the world’s GDP by 2035. Did you know that almost 40% of CO2 emissions and a third of all waste produced in Europe is related to the construction sector? What’s more, productivity in the construction sector has fallen recently, with the Spanish construction industry losing around 20% of its productivity since 2015. The World Economic Forum estimates that a 1% increase in the productivity of the construction industry would result in annual savings of 100 billion dollars. It is against this backdrop that is needed. is a SaaS platform for integrated engineering and architecture projects, powered by AI algorithms that help them choose more economical and sustainable solutions. We have the client’s goals in one hand and our social and environmental responsibility in the other, so if we’re going to build, we’re only going to use the materials we need. To do this, we study multiple construction scenarios, selecting the ones that best fit the parameters initially defined by our client.Our business model is BSB, focused on real estate developers and construction companies, as well as architectural and engineering consultancies. Every built environment, from the hospitals where we are born, to the schools where we learn and the homes where we live, has the ability to shape who we are. And it’s up to us to decide how we shape the world around us. using less material, a greener future.Our big dream is to save a trillion kgCO2e and be present throughout Europe by 2028. 

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