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Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Social

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UPTEC Asprela I

The Center for Biosciences in Integrative Health (CBSin) aims to be an innovative International Academic Center with the aim of promoting integrative health science based on the development of bio-compounds and other therapeutic methods for a psychosomatic balance, prevention and quality of life in the human being. Our research focus is to adjust, improve or innovate diagnostic and therapeutic methods through in vivo, in vitro or in silico tests based both on artificial and biological intelligence. Here we highlight the Bioactiv.In patented project, which is already on the phase of in vitro tests to develop bioactive compounds for the treatment of infectious, oncological, neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases. The Biosciences Center also aims to create structures and teams to support information and education based on occupational and therapeutic programs supported by innovative methods in low-cost integrative and complementary health. In this emerging context, it is our purpose to be recognized as an Evolutionary Center of international reference supported by transforming scientific, therapeutic and pedagogical activity. More than developing, treating and, teaching, we evolved!

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