UPTEC companies in the spotlight at SIM Conference

SIM Conference- UPTEC

More than 20 startups from the University of Porto will attend the SIM Conference – Startups & Investment Matching, an initiative organised by Startup Portugal to connect entrepreneurs, startups, and national and international investors. 

The conference takes place from 2 to 4 May at the Alfândega do Porto Congress Centre and will showcase the best of the Portuguese ecosystem and discuss the most relevant topics for startup founders and investors in Europe.

Among the almost 100 esteemed speakers at the event are several startup leaders from the UPTEC community, each with their own inspiring success story: Verónica Orvalho (Didimo), Humberto Ayres Pereira (Rows), André Jordão (Barkyn), Luís Vieira (B-Parts) and Miguel Santo Amaro (Coverflex). 

In addition, Maria Oliveira, UPTEC’s Business Director, will share her insights in the panel on ‘EmpowerHer: Strategic Fundraising for Women Founders’, and André Forte, Business Development Coordinator – Arts, will lead the talk on ‘Cross Innovation: Arts disrupting tech, tech enhancing creativity’, while Francisca Eiriz, Project Management Coordinator, will contribute to the panel on ‘Women Led Ventures: act now to be invested later’. 

20 startups from the UPTEC ecosystem in the spotlight at SIM Conference

The SIM Conference will feature dozens of spin-offs from the University of Porto, based at UPTEC: AGIT, a technology that recognises physical exercise in real-time using a mobile phone camera; Corium Biotech, which is dedicated to the bioproduction of exotic skins to supply the luxury fashion industry; Portugal Bugs, a pioneer in Portugal in the marketing of insect-based food products; Unilinkr, a marketplace where university students can find work opportunities that fit in with their schedules; VN Tech, an automation platform that improves acquisition negotiations by simplifying the process; ADYTA, which focuses its activity on the defence and protection of communications through innovative solutions tailored to each client; Sphere Ultrafast Photonics, a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of ultrafast laser technology; and Voxelmaps , which aims to build a 4D volumetric model of the world by combining vision data with spatial information associated with timestamps. 


In addition to the U. Porto spin-offs, the UPTEC community is also represented by WiseWorld, an AI-based platform that helps employees practice, make mistakes and improve their interpersonal skills on a daily basis; Hortee, a platform that connects local producers and conscious consumers; Infinite Foundry, a three-dimensional digital platform for industrial units that aims to improve production efficiency in any industrial sector; TakeCarbon, a decentralised platform designed to revolutionise the way carbon credits are tokenised, traded and offset on a global scale; AgroGrIN Tech, a technology that allows the extraction of enzymes and/or vitamins from fruit and vegetable waste with a high degree of purification; Nolita, which creates breakfast and snack products without added sugars or sweeteners, but with a sweet taste through the use of natural fibres; and HelpMeChoose, which develops digital products with the aim of analysing financial services and assets at an international level, such as stock brokers, digital banks and ETFs, among others.


The first edition of the SIM Conference will take place in Porto, which aims to showcase the best of the Portuguese ecosystem and discuss the most pertinent topics for startup founders and investors in Europe.

May 3rd, 2024

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