COVID-19 Contingency Plan

Optional mask use

The use of an individual protection mask is optional.

Building access

Access to UPTEC buildings is open to external people: visitors, suppliers, and events attendees.

Common areas

While staying in the common areas of UPTEC buildings, we recommend a two-meter social distance, as well as adopting measures of respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette.

At UPTEC Asprela I and UPTEC Mar, the changing rooms are now available for use.

Meeting rooms and Auditoriums

UPTEC meeting rooms can be accessed at any time and must be booked through the email or +351 220 301 501.

UPTEC provides, in all meeting rooms and auditoriums, equipment and antiseptic solution for users to clean tables and chairs, before and after using it.

UPTEC auditoriums are hosting 100% of the allowed number of people in the facility, which means, 80 people at UPTEC Asprela I and 178 people at UPTEC Baixa. For the same reason, the UPTEC Baixa Garden Pavilion is hosting a max of 40 people.
The events’ organisation is subject to UPTEC confirmation.

Dining areas

The dining areas are now available for normal use and without people limits. The UPTEC Asprela I bar is in normal operation.

UPTEC provides, in each area, equipment and antiseptic solution for users to clean the table and the microwave, before and after using it.

Vending machines remain in normal operation.


In order to clean the companies’ rooms, employees don’t have to leave the area. UPTEC ensures the cleanliness of all spaces, even when there is no company representative in the room (unless otherwise specified).

UPTEC continues to:

  • provide antiseptic solution in strategic places of the building;

  • reinforce the hygiene and cleaning of coverings, objects and surfaces that are handled more often (eg.handrails, door handles, elevator buttons).

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