School of Startups

UPTEC's School of Startups is aimed at entrepreneurs with technology, scientific or creativity-based business projects that wish to startup their own company. 

The School of Startups' goal is to raise awareness among new entrepreneurs about the complex challenges in the process ofcreating and developing a business project and to present them tools, concepts, structures and people that can help them validate their ideas in the market.

During six months, participants will work on defining the business model, identifying customers and market(s), improving design and product development, understanding intellectual property, team management, funding opportunities, legal and financial matters, sales and communication of their business projects. At the School of Startups, participant teams have access to:

  • (1)   Workshops about different aspects of business creation and development;
  • (2)   Individual follow-up sessions with UPTEC mentors;
  • (3)   Meetings with senior entrepreneurs at UPTEC;
  • (4)   Networking events with external partners;
  • (5)   Pitch training sessions;
  • (6)   Public presentation of their projects
Program duration: 
5 months 

Number of selected projects: 
Maximum of 25 projects per edition

250€ + VAT per project (each project can include a maximum of 3 members) 

Applications will open again in September.

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