Tomorrow Options raises $2.6 million in Venture Capital

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Tomorrow Options raises $2.6 million in Venture Capital

Tomorrow Options raises $2.6 million in Venture Capital
Tomorrow Options is receiving $2.6 million from Portugal Ventures, one of Portugal’s largest venture investment firms. This represents a continued investment and an important expression of confidence in the company, which previously received $2.3 million from Portugal Ventures in a Series A financing.
New brand name: Kinematix - Making Sense of Body Dynamics
Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, Chief Executive Officer, Kinematix, said: "The Kinematix name better reflects our dedication to monitoring body dynamics during real-life activities. We are focused on markets where feedback on body dynamics and lack of connectivity are complicating positive outcomes, patient or customer care and efficiency.”

José da Franca, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Portugal Ventures, said:"We are excited to continue supporting Kinematix, having worked with the company's innovative and dedicated team from the early stages of development, to launch products to address unmet needs in healthcare.”

Kinematix establishes US subsidiary and adds board members
Kinematix launched in the US with a fully-owned US subsidiary in Boston and appointed a US-based Chairman, Jay B. Pieper, and Director, Joseph Ternullo, to its Board. Pieper has over 35 years of experience in corporate finance and business development, including 18 years in the healthcare industry. He was president and chief executive officer of Partners International Medical Services, the international division of Partners HealthCare, an integrated health care system founded by the two largest teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School. Ternullo is Associate Director of the Center for Partners HealthCare's Center for Connected Health, which creates and validates technology-enabled solutions that empower patients and providers to transform healthcare.  
Presentations at Key Connected Health Events
The launch of Kinematix’ US subsidiary coincides with company presentations at two key connected health events. Paulo Ferreira dos Santos will attend the Speakers’ Corner at the EU-US eHealth Marketplace and Conference in Boston on October 22 and the 10th Annual Connected Health Symposium on October 25, where Kinematix will also be exhibiting its products (booth #204).


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