Portuguese technology is able to measure heart rate with camera

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Portuguese technology is able to measure heart rate with camera

The Portuguese startup HealthyRoad developed a biometric technology that is able to measure the heart rate. This technology has 95% accuracy and is able to use any type of video cameras that are available in the market.

IncrediblEYE is the company’s new trademark that will provide the software development kits (SDK) for developers and tech companies, and allow the implementation of features such as Heart Rate detection and Face Recognition. These developments are being used by several companies such as Microsoft, Sony and Mazda.

The SDK’s are available in website, and they are able to work with low processing units and low quality cameras, making it possible to be implemented in Smartphones, Tablets, computers and Smart TV’s.


HealthyRoad is a biometrical software house that is currently developing technology for the automotive sector using the ultimate facial tracking and analysis techniques in order to identify and evaluate, with a high accuracy level, the physical states of the user. Their main products are: IncrediblEYE - software development kits that have biometric features such as facial recognition and heart rate detection; HealthyRoad technology that allows the detection of driver’s sleepiness and fatigue in order to alert them to make driving breaks or to wake them up if they fall asleep.


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