DefinedCrowd unveils new data platform API

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DefinedCrowd unveils new data platform API

DefinedCrowd Corp., a startup that offers a platform to collect, enrich and structure data for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, announced the release of version 1.0 of their public API at Web Summit. The product helps companies create new projects, upload tasks, and execute data collections and data processing campaigns in a more streamlined way, directly from their own data and Machine Learning infrastructure.

Led by its founder and CEO Daniela Braga, DefinedCrowd has a strong presence at this year’s Web Summit: A demo booth as part of the Beta program and pitching to compete among top 200 startups.  “As a young company, Web Summit is an amazing opportunity to showcase DefinedCrowd,” says CBDO Aya Zook. “It is an honor to be competing with the top startups in the world and using the event as a launchpad to release of our new API.”

The API, which is officially launching during DefinedCrowd’s Beta booth program, is responding to the increasing demand of the company’s growing list of clients to launch large scale data processing activities on a regular basis. With this product, data scientists can meet their constant data feedback loop needs with much more control and more efficiently, thus allowing them to refresh their machine learning models much faster.

“The life of data scientists will become easier with this API,” says CEO and Founder Daniela Braga. “They will have the option to integrate their data platforms with DefinedCrowd, having complete control of their projects, working from their own platforms. This will give them direct access to high-quality large-scale data with very little overhead,” adds Braga.

In the public release, the number of data pipelines that can be accessed will increase compared to the currently available private beta version of the API. Coverage of data types will include speech and text data collections (in 46 languages) to transcription and annotation activities such as sentiment tagging, named entity tagging, as well as several other speech and natural language validation tasks. The release helps DefinedCrowd reinforce their position as the leading provider in high-quality data for artificial intelligence.

About DefinedCrowd

Incubated at UPTEC - Science and Technology Park of University of Porto, DefinedCrowd is an intelligent data platform for AI. It combines Crowd-as-a-Service and machine learning capabilities to accelerate enterprise data training and modelling. Guided by experts in speech and natural language technologies, the DefinedCrowd platform leverages machine learning, data science and modern crowdsourcing to enable enterprises to easily manage their global data collection and enrichment programs. DefinedCrowd offers include text, speech, image, video and multimodal data workflows, in 46 languages, with a community of 20,000 contributors in 53 countries, which help process an average of 10,000 units of data per day, per client, across 20+ clients. DefinedCrowd was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.


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