Beamian - Digital you: the brand that will revolutionize the events market

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 Beamian - Digital you: the brand that will revolutionize the events market

After more than 50 events held, tens of thousands of recorded interactions, and numerous updates to the platform, the investment in this sector is strengthened and MobilityNow announces the rebranding of -M-events to beamian | Digital you, an innovative events solution.

After two years of the launch of the brand, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, MobilityNow, company incubated at UPTEC, presents the rebranding of this technology solution for events with the intention of responding to strong customer demand and the great need to launch the platform autonomously in international territory.

The goal remains the same – to make available a technological solution that enables the streamlining of every phase of the event in a quick and easy manner, allowing the register and setting of interaction dynamics (exchange of contacts, leads register, requests for information, etc.) between visitors, brands and companies.

The solution has its most visible side in its three components:

  1. Smartbadges: electronic identifiers (badges, wristbands, or other smart objects) that are used to ease the visitors’ interaction with the organizers and other elements of the event;
  2. Beamers: equipments or mobile apps that are associated to exhibitors, brands, or interaction points. They work as an identifier and enable a direct interaction with the participants (from gathering of contacts to leads prioritization, sending/sharing documents, social media connections, etc.). It all depends on the goal of each brand, organizer, or exhibitor;
  3. Management platform: where everything is recorded in real time and where the information is treated and made available according to each customer’s requirements. It allows the sending of automatic information to all the participants through multiple channels;
The solution becomes simpler and introduces five distinct editions, adjusted to different kinds of events, namely: Job & Career Fairs edition (1); Corporate & Brand Events (2); Food and Wine edition (3); Trade Fairs edition (4); Music Festivals edition (5).

Beamian, in its Job & Career Fairs edition, presented itself to the public in the first ever International Job Fair of the University of Oporto (FINDE.UP), that took place on the 3rd and 4th of November, at the Exponor Congress Centre. In this event, where more than 2,000 visitors were present, beamian ensured the pre-registration of the visitors, their check-in, and a direct bridge between students, candidates, and the employing companies, making a total of more than 14,000 interactions.

The service shone brightest at the critical moment of the interview, by allowing the candidates’ instant application through a simple touch of their smartbadge to the recruiter’s beamer. The companies were then presented with a digital record of all the interviewees so that they could proceed and make their recruitment options.


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