General Services

When assuming a role of facilitator, UPTEC provides a number of general services, with the main objective of freeing the incubated companies so that they can focus on developing their respective business, leaving all other "details" to UPTEC.

Among the general services that UPTEC provides to their companies, stand out:

  • Access to shared meeting and training rooms, auditorium as well as other common areas.
  • Reception and referral of people and messages (telephone and personal);
  • Security and general surveillance of the premises;
  • General cleaning of facilities (common areas);
  • Cleaning of the leased space three times a week;
  • Voice connection network (indoor and outdoor);
  • Data Infrastructure with pre-active internet connectivity, with cable connection;
  • Reception and mail management;
  • Park for guests and visitors, if applicable to the building;
  • Maintenance and conservation of common areas and infrastructure: roads, green spaces, traffic areas, including stairs;
  • Maintenance and conservation of secondary networks of water, electricity, telecommunications, sewage and air conditioning services in common areas
  • Maintenance and conservation of general equipment: signage, exterior lighting, recreational areas, etc;

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