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Work +351 213 174 421
Av. José Malhoa 16F, Piso 1 – Bloco B Edifício Europa 1070-159 Lisboa, Portugal

How many times while watching television in your living room you come across with a product, place or service that you would like to buy, see or experience? But you don’t do it right away and end up not even searching for it online, because it is cumbersome or passed the opportunity.

yubuy® is a TV Commerce solution that allows  an easy, quick, secure and contextualized purchase of services and goods directly from the comfort  of your home. 

There are 4 stores at this moment: Telepizza, NoMenu, Odisseias, and more recently Benfica, running on the three major TV distributors (MEO, NOS and Vodafone) and on Samsung Smart TVs. 

We have already impact more than 400 thousand people and on September 9th we reached a milestone that we are very proud of: 1 million Euros in sales. Currently the conversion rate is 12% and repurchase rate is of 51%, proving the quality of our platform and sales channel.

Proven the concept we should now start the second phase of this project and define a very effective strategy to invite customers to our stores, create needs and be assertive while we do it.

The supported technologies are: Mediaroom, HTML5, Cisco NDS, Samsung Tizen, LG Webos, Open TV and Cloud based platform.

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