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Rua Dr. Júlio de Matos nº828/882 4200-355 Porto, Portugal

In a world where business competitiveness and market demand is raising, it is essential for successful companies to ensure excellence of their products and services. The continuous technological improvement and the quality control are realities that increase significance becoming indispensable in any production process. In this world, computer vision technologies have proven to be a huge contribution.

Under this context, and with the awareness of the market needs, Xpectraltek was born. Our mission is to provide solutions based on computer vision including automation and spectral imaging, expanding our sensitivity range from visible spectrum to a broader range that of UV and NIR. In such a way, we provide our customers with solutions of computer vision and spectral imaging tools, allowing, among other things, quality control in real time for your production process and/or material identification.

Using the state-of-the-art in computer vision technology and optical instrumentation, while investing in a light, modern and practical design, XpectralTek’s products meet the client’s individual needs, always aiming to dedicated solutions. Whether you work on industry, or you are an end user, or just a visiting person driven by curiosity, we have a solution that fits your needs! With XpectralTek, you can see more!

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