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HUBIT (HELP U2B IT, LDA) is a startup company founded in March 2013. José Sousa, José Dias and Hugo Sousa are the team that provides services and products for improving healthcare and well-being. Our motto is Who You May Be (WYMBE), that later named our main product that leverages and supports people achieving what they want to be in life by adopting healthier lifestyles.

Our team has relevant experience with more then 15 years of experience in IT and 6 in Healthcare, the founders have a relevant international experience (more that 13 countries) in the technical and behavioral fields (2 certification in coaching and 1 in Neuro-Linguistic Programming). 

WYMBE allows health care providers to deliver their services in a customizable platform, creating health improvement programs for their patients, providing daily interaction, enabling health providers to track and document changing habits.

WYMBE incorporates Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Gamification for engaging patients with healthier lifestyles, triggering motivation and providing step-by-step pathways with small actions that will lead them to the desired achievement.

Existing mobile health apps are offering services from a single provider, cannot customize to include other professionals, don’t correlate to key health data, and don’t create a knowledge base of habits – key elements that keep patients on track.

We have validated WYMBE with health professionals from two leading hospitals in São Paulo, Brazil for executive’s check-up and chronic patients follow-up with a positive assessment.

According to the World Health Organization 80% of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and 40% of all cancers can be prevented with healthier lifestyles. The cost associated with these diseases over the next 20 years is projected to reach 7 trillion dollars.

To tackle this burden, health systems are reviewing the incentives for bringing more focus to prevention and introducing new strategies to handle patient adoption that still remains a significant hurdle. The private sector, or the supplementary health, is taking the lead to change the current status, especially with a growing community of health promoters (eg. coaches, dieticians, medical and counseling call centers) that can offer their services in a less regulated market in which the incentive and price is based on monitored lives and not, as usual, per number of procedures performed.

WYMBE web version (www.wymbe.com) was released for general public on the first quarter of 2016 in four languages with the main functionalities: marketplace for health improvement programs (challenge store), a private social network for users to share their achievements and interact, a coaching store and dashboard that provides tools for following-up patients, a user profile that can be customized to collect health parameters, a back office that allow health care providers to create health improvement programs and an data analytics to monitor aggregated information of the population and engagement metrics.

App’s versions are currently under development and will be released in the last quarter of 2015, for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 

The roadmap also includes a set of features to be release in 2016, namely a payments and data library correlations between health parameters and health improvement programs.

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