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Rua Alfredo Allen nº 455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

WATERDOG mobile Lda. is a software development SME founded in March 2011 by 3 members, with different and complementary backgrounds.

Their main objective was to first create a solid core team to offer services on web and mobile product development, to later develop their own solutions that could lead to the potential spin-off of technology startups.

Their entrepreneurial and visionary spirit lead them to continuously be looking for problems to solve and be open to ideas from friends and clients with growth potential. This strategy allowed them to be involved not only on the development of successful projects for some clients but also to co-found a startup in the United Kingdom, Meethub Ltd.

They work together for more than 5 years and have created different products for clients that come from different countries, and range from big established companies with ideas to innovate, to Startups that they help from brand creation and product inception to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) launch, business model implementation and subsequent updates and/or pivoting. Although Waterdog has a small team of 7 members, they all have considerable expertise on the areas needed to successfully build digital web and mobile products. They are a solid team that knows each other very well, something that allows them to comfortably distribute and organise work.

Throughout the years they were responsible or have been involved on the creation, design and development of more than 30 web and mobile apps, products and services.

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