Venture Oak

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Work +351 220 731 340
Rua Alfredo Allen, n.º455/461 Room 3.10 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

At the heart of VENTUREOAK is agility. The core team of the company consists of very experienced technically savvy startup builders. Our expertise provides the base to build the right teams in terms of proportion and requirements in order to create a robust product from the venture inception. Thus startups shorten route to market by avoiding costly and time-consuming tech missteps as well as are enabled to scale operations and benefit from a performant platform.

VentureOak vision is simple and sums up with three words: People, Ventures, Productivity. We strive to ensure best environment for our family of top notch employees. We build a strong portfolio of great ventures that address people’s desires and needs. We tackle productivity waste by being effective, lean and fast-moving.

VentureOak mission is to provide a safe harbor to build startups. Lack of tech and product experience often causes startups to skip the MVP phase or end up with cumbersome product thus missing their investment milestones and failing a great idea. We provide the people, tools and experience to build the right product and thus give a lift to many great startups to enrich our lives and grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our professionals are super passionate, extremely tech savvy, focused, dedicated, humble and with high professional ethic.

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