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Work +351 914 648 168
Rua Alfredo Allen nº455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

SurgeonMate is a project centered in developing products to improve surgeon's perfomance.

Currently we are developing a glassesshape device for surgeons, that can be used as self-protection glasses with a small-sized camera embedded in the nasal bridge of the device’s frame.The product is SurgeonMate Vision and it will allow to perform surgeries' hi-quality records, assuring that the surgeon's point of view is kept on the recording, always taking into account the data privacy guidelines defined by the European entities. Privacy protection of all the intervenients in the operation (patients and staff) it is assured by real time aplication of Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms.

Considering that having all this multimedia content well cataloged, organized and managed will improve its educational potential, we have created a software (SurgeonMate Library) that gathers in one platform all the tools needed to process the multimedia data and to create a personalized library. With this product the surgeon can process, manage, store, edit and catalog the multimedia contents by using only one application that guarantees patient's sensitive data security and it is also easy, quick and intuitive to use.

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