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Rua Luso Celuloide, nº 488 r/c dt 4500-819 Espinho, Portugal

The Science Office combines science with communication and brings the scientific message to different publics, through original channels and contemporary languages. Messages will reach not only the usual public for these kinds of products (scientists, students, teachers, people with a general interest in science), but also the so-called “general audience”, a more unusual target for this area. The Science Office is a network of professionals with excellent skill-sets in communication, science, and everything in between.

The Science Office team is flexible enough to operate in a vast number of areas, yet homogeneous enough to manage an effective synergy between the many disciplines that are present in its projects.

Science communication consultancy - Advice on which scientific topics to be disclosed, on the media and formats to be used, on the allocation of resources, on schedules and on the audiences to be reached by communication products.

Science writing & editing - Production or adaptation of scientific texts, using appropriate language to both the theme and the target audience, taking into account the accuracy and truthfulness of the scientific facts.

Science Visualisation - The transformation of scientific data in images, illustrations and animations in order to explain scientific concepts or processes.

Design/ Publishing - Layout, preparation of public presentations, optimizing the presentation of information and preparation of texts and images for printed and digital publication.

Motion Graphics - Graphics that use video and / or animation technology to create the illusion of movement or transformation, very helpful in explaining scientific procedures..

Web development - Design, Development and Implementation of websites and apps.

Media Relations - Production and distribution of press releases, production of images and videos for distribution to the press, maintaining databases of journalists and media, managing interviews and press conferences, training of scientists to contact with journalists.

Development of content for science communication - Writing scripts and storyboards, development and production of concepts for exhibitions, books, documentaries, television series, websites, festivals, etc..

Development of data visualisation software - Development of solutions for scientific data visualisation.

Social Media management – building and maintaining social media platforms in a professional and consistent way. 

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