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Work +351 220 731 361
Rua Alfredo Allen, n.º 455/461 Sala 2.11 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

SARKKIS - Robotics, Lda is an engineering, research and development company, focused on the field of industrial software.

Established in 2010 and centered in its field of specialty and technical know-how has been developing its R&D activity maintaining ties to the Universidade de Coimbra.

Products and services include software applications designed for industrial robotized production cells, new or retrofitted /enhanced, that based on “off-line” programming of complex algorithms for path generation machine, operation and control, 2D/3D interfaces focused on the machine operator and his performance, extend the range and complexity of the tasks performed by the production equipment’, resulting in a strong impact in the reduction of production times and simplification of the downstream manufacturing process.

Current product portfolio of industrial software includes the following applications:

  • MetroID (family of products) developed for robotized equipment for plasma cutting of steel profiles and parts:
  • MetroID PlanCut (steel plates/flat – nesting features included) – extendable to CNC, oxyfueled machines;
  • MetroID BeamCut (steel profiles I,U,H, L, build-up profiles);
  • MetroID TubeCut (hollow profiles: round, square, oval);
  • MetroID DSTV Editor – built-in or stand-alone feature for reading and modification of DSTV files (size, cuts, holes, etc…) of long steel profiles using 2D/3D interface;

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