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Praça Coronel Pacheco, 2 4050-453 Porto, Portugal

Sapo is internet's leader brand in Portugal. Our history is written at internet's pace. We were born as Serviço de Apontadores Portugueses (Portuguese Pointers Service) - Sapo -, in 1995, at the University of Aveiro and we have always been at the forefront of technological innovation and dynamism of the new industry of digital contents.

Sapo has more than 130 milion page views and 4,7 milion of unique visits monthly on their homepage. Over 18 years, Sapo has been accustom their readers not only to a careful selection of content, such as the convenient access to the wide network of services and tools that integrates SAPO, and that, as a whole, represents 600 million monthly pageviews. Only in Portugal, 82% of Internet users use the SAPO domain. It's a true dream factory, anchored on professionalism and creativity of over 150 of the best programmers in the country, SAPO makes tangible internal innovation capacity of the PT universe, distinguished by the expansion of content and channel know-how and technology experience for projects "made in & made by Portugal."

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