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Rua da Torrinha nº 281-2 4050-612 Porto, Portugal
Running Photos is a online platform, with full integration with running events organizers, that allows:
  • runners (professional, amateur or occasional) to easily access and buy their photos;
  • companies to advertise their brands, products and services in a easy and low-cost way while being associated with a high emotional moment.
By partner with running events organizers and timing solutions providers [and sharing with them the platform revenues] RunningPhotos has access to multiple and diverse running events, ranging from 5K to marathons, from road to trail running races, both in urban and rural areas. This allows for a wider range of runners to access their 'best moments' but also to build a bigger audience for advertisers.
By building strong relationships with running stakeholders, it is possible to embed our automatic classification algorithm within the official result tables and social media posts, thus generating instantaneous web traffic.
Running Photos is one of those projects where there's a win-win scenario wherever you look:
  • runners get their photos easily and at low prices - within a few hours of finishing the race;
  • running events organizers get a risk free premium service that generates revenue and increases the event visibility and runners satisfaction
  • companies and marketing agencies get a new way to activate and promote their brands with a cost model similar to google or facebook ads but with a stronger emotional connection and lower costs.

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