Pinguim Atrevido

Company Name

Praça Coronel Pacheco, 2 4050 - 453 Porto, Portugal

The Pinguim Atrevido is a company providing cartoon 2D and 3D and illustration services with a concept of “ready-to-wear” through the brand Fleabag Frog.

Normally the process of creating animated content is a time consuming and very expensive process. Our concept explores a quick and inexpensive way to the end customer, to get a cartoon character or mascot of exceptional quality for a fraction of the price and time normally applied on the market.

For this, fleabag frog has a number of unique characters in the portfolio, and customers can change colors, to put their logo or to ask for specific changes to their business. All service budgets will be made through the website www.fleabagfrog.com in an easy, fast and convenient away to make the budget of any service.

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