PhD Design

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Praça Coronel Pacheco, 2 4050- 453 Porto, Portugal

The importance of Design as an emerging discipline is attested by various recent European reports that clearly state the need to prioritise its rooting and implementation as a scientific and entrepreneurial interface. 

Portugal stands as a particularly apt environment for the flourishing of Design as a discipline weaving social, cultural and economic factors into a stronger fabric. Its internationally acknowledged industrial capacities are not matched by equal brand recognition; its Social History lacks a tradition of creative involvement; and there seems to be a lack of channelling design practice itself onto territories of common knowledge and, ultimately, common good.

PhDDesign is concerned with contributing to a socio-cultural paradigm shift: a shift that may, in due time, redefine territories of knowledge, accessibility, solidarity, resourcefulness and citizenship. By acknowledging this as a long-term mission, PhDDesign aims at establishing a “School” of Applied Design Research: a “School” in which research projects, PhD theses, design practice and entrepreneurial partnerships will complement one another, towards the shared goal of social, cultural and economic regeneration.

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