Oporto Style Group

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Work +351 22 012 6736
Praça Coronel Pacheco, 2 4050-453 Porto, Portugal

Oporto Style Group is synonymous of elegance and creativity. The brands of company embody cultural values with a strong link in the design, blends tradition, innovation, dreams and fantasy.

The mission of Oporto Style Group reflects your core values: create and innovate; product excellence; reinforce the image of our brands with passion factor; be the best in everything we do.

The brands of the group are determined to care for, grow and revolutionize the offer with a powerful vision for the future and ability to create an extremely successful business that will wake up marketability.

Creativity / innovation - is a dual priority for all companies where mainly foundations are continued and progressive success in launching new brands. your objectives are to achieve the excellence of the products, revolutionize the market with your offers, raise the design and everything company does with critical sense, inspiring. The Oporto Style Group pays the utmost attention to every detail; the company ensure absolute perfection of your products. They symbolize the nobility and perfection of craft, industrial innovation, the creativity of designers, intense hours of research and design.

The Oporto Style Group wants to surprise you with quality, strength and finishing the products. The company offers your customers the feeling that by purchasing the exceptional feel either develop with passion. The company intends to raise your brands to an international context and which enjoy an excellent reputation. A company backed by superior creative and high quality of its products.

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