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Work +351 220 301 576
Avenida da Liberdade, s/n 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

OceanScan-MST has an innovative approach to develop tools, vehicles, systems and technologies for the cost-effective access to the ocean. This is done thought a strategic partnership with Porto University in Portugal. Our approach is based on three key concepts open systems, continuous technological integration and co-develop solutions and operational experience with the users.

OceanScan-MST is a start-up from Porto University in Portugal, one of the leading institutions in underwater robotics in Europe. The seed funding was provided by Agência de Inovação in Portugal.

OceanScan's team has been designing, building and operating underwater vehicles and systems for over a decade. The team builds on an extensive experience in state-of-the art technologies and systems engineering to deliver innovative state-of-the-art solutions, surveying and advanced engineering services in close cooperation with the customers.

One of the flagship systems from OceanScan-MST is the Light Autonomous Underwater Vehicle System (LAUV). The LAUV is a European low-cost AUV for oceanographic and environmental surveys designed and built at Porto University. The LAUV system was awarded the Portuguese BES 2006 innovation prize.

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