Nixfuste Nova

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Work +351 220 923 503
Rua Alfredo Allen, n.º455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

The drive to make visual, plastic and technological ideas come true is what keeps us moving. Our objective is to create innovative ideas and to find original solutions in terms of integrated marketing communications.

Creativity is the Nixfuste Nova’s basis, which reflects a contemporary artistic culture and the continuous search for the relevant and innovative. The company includes a group of creative professionals who are continuously active and always ready to embrace new challenges, while surrounded by a highly stimulating environment.

Our core is based on creativity, which embraces plastic arts, sculpture, drawing, design and new technologies. It is how the company develops all its projects.

We use art as the way to differentiate and present brands. Nixfuste Nova follows closely its clients’ and potential clients’ needs and analyses tendencies in order to offer unexpected ideas that will become projects originally adapted to each costumer.

We build original and interactive worlds where experience with brands gains a more striking and positive dimension. We create deep relationships between brands and their customers through unique multidimensional moments.

The impossible inspire us.

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