Night Out

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Work + 351 916 876 493
Rua Alfredo Allen nº 455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

Night Out is a integrated web platform with a mobile app available for iOS and Android that allows users to discover their new favorite nightclubs based on their preferences: type of music, maximum distance to travel and maximum price to pay. Additionally, you can know the real-time classification of an event given from users that have already checked-in, where your friends are and what events will they attend later on. Once you check-in in a nightclub and rate the event, you'll earn virtual points that, in the future, you may exchange for free drinks in the nightclubs. Besides that, you'll receive promotions and updates of nightclubs or events you are attending to or want to go.

Also, our web platform allows nightclub managers to fill their nightclubs with just one click. Track important user's info like check-in, music and price preferences, know which Public Relations brought more customers to the events, get track of the user's feedback of the events and easily promote and update events with all the important info users need to accurately choose which event to attend. Night Out will turn all your nights into unforgettable ones!

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